Ajuy Beach,Ajuy,Fuerteventura

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Ajuy is a small village located on the West coast of Fuerteventura, around twenty minutes drive from Pajara, The beach is simply stunning with 270 metres of pitch black sand that contrasts perfectly with the turquoise sea. Due to the extreme tidal surge the beach is not suitable for swimming, there is a paved path where you can walk up the cliff and enjoy the vista of the beach and village. The beach is easily accessible and you may park along the road in Ajuy village should there be a lack of space in the small car park at the beach.

Ajuy Beach is located in Ajuy, Fuerteventura.

Ajuy is a small fishing village on the island's west coast, close to the Betancuria border.

When Betancuria existed as the island's capital is was served by the port of Ajuy until it was raided by pirates.

Black sand makes up Ajuy beach and Caleta Negro (Black Bay) sits at a distance of approximately 2 km. Here you can find caves within the limestone rocks, and these were once a hiding place for pirates.

The limestone from this area was considered to be the most pure, and much of it was transported from these caves up until the mid 19th century.


Ajuy Beach
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The black sand beach was amazing. Walked around the cliffs to find caves. Absolutely amazing. Views to die for.

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June 02, 2018
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Beautiful beach with black sand
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Beautiful beach with black sand, too dangerous for swimming but well worth a visit for a nice walk, you can park right by the beach, and there's several restaurants.

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March 23, 2017
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