Guide to the towns and villages of Antigua,Fuerteventura

Antigua is situated in the Eastern centre of Fuerteventura, extensive plains with farmhouses and mills can be seen here. Basaltic-coloured landscapes are the main characteristics of its surroundings. The largest part of the vegetation is concentrated on its valleys and gullies, where you will experience a feeling of pure peace and calm. There are three protected natural spaces: Mapaís Grande Natural Monument, Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument and Caldera de Gairía Natural Monument, which prove the volcanic origin of the island.

There is plenty to do here. In addition to numerous shops, bars, cafés and restaurants, Caleta de Fuste is home to a multi-screen cinema (films are in Spanish), and a bowling alley. Antigua stands out as the capital of Majorera crafts, where embroidery, openwork, basket weaving, ceramics, wood working etc are activities that form part of its people's roots, and that highlight the traditional character of the locals. The celebration of the 'Insular Crafts Fair' stands out. It takes place during the first fortnight of May and is where the majority of the island's craftspeople meet up to show off the richness of their products. An ideal place to get to know the municipality's and the whole island's traditions is the Craft Centre at Molina de Antigua, where the visitor can find fantastic examples of Majorera crafts.

An array of sporting facilities are available on the beaches, such as kite boarding, surfing, windsurfing and volleyball. Many boat trips and excursions are available along with camel rides. Please add some comments and photographs or videos to help other travellers, you don't need to register on the site to do this, but by doing so for free you get additional functionality such as your own favorites page with your own personal map which is very useful when planning your visit to Fuerteventura, or a day out.

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Location:  Agua de Bueyes   Antigua
The charming little town of Agua de Bueyes is situated inland, south of Antigua town. This area is particularly popular with hikers and a remarkable route is from Agua...
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Location:  Antigua   Antigua
The town of Antigua is situated inland in the centre of Fuerteventura, Extensive plains with farmhouses and mills, and basaltic-coloured landscapes are the main characteristics of its surroundings. There's...
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Location:  Caleta de Fuste   Antigua
The busy purpose-built resort of Caleta de Fuste, also known as Costa Caleta or Castillo is situated in the centre of the island on the east coast 7 kilometres...
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Location:  Casillas de Morales   Antigua
Casillas de Morales is asmall village in te municipality of Antigua.
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Location:  Costa Antigua   Antigua
Costa Antigua, also known as Nuevo Horizonte is situated in the central part of Fuerteventura on the east coast between the airport at El Mattoral and the busy tourist...
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The small village of La Caldera de Gairia is located in the municipality of Antigua.
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Location:  Las Salinas   Antigua
The lime kilns are a sign of Fuerteventura's heritage. The calcareous stone was used to produce large amounts of lime which were exported to the other islands in olden...
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Location:  Pozo Negro   Antigua
The picturesque village of Pozo Negro is located at the end of Malpais Grande National Park. The beach comprises of black sand and pebbles which contrast beautifully with the...
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