Guide to the towns and villages of La Oliva,Fuerteventura

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The Canarian municipality of La Oliva is located in the northern part of Fuerteventura with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, north and east, and Puerto del Rosario to the south. The small island of Los Lobos to the northeast is also part of the municipality. Amongst the countless attractions in the municipality, a visit to its natural spaces is a must. The mountain Montaña de Tindaya is an extraordinary space that is of significant archaeological and geological value. The natural park Parque Natural de Corralejo is characterized chiefly by its spectacular area of dunes. The park Parque de Lobos houses some 130 species of animals and plants, in the middle of landscape barely altered by man. The natural monument Monumento Natural del Malpaís de la Arena is the result of volcanic eruptions from about ten thousand years ago that gave rise to landscape of great beauty. Lastly, the protected landscape Paisaje Protegido de Vallebrón retains the structures built by man for the agricultural exploitation of the land in the middle of a fertile valley.

The territorial boundaries of the municipality have not experienced any significant changes throughout its history, as they were based on the ecclesiastic structuring that was carried out in the 18th century. In 1837, the island fell under the administration of the Spanish Crown, thanks to the abolition of the señoríos or lordships. During this decade, the restructuring of Spain into municipal demarcations enabled the creation of the Town Council of La Oliva and its municipal district.

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Location  Caldereta   La Oliva
Caldereta is a small village in the municipality of La Oliva located between the town of La Oliva and the new main road to Corralejo. An Ideal location for hiking, walking and mountain biking.
5.0 (3)
Location  Corralejo   La Oliva
The busy tourist town of Corralejo is located on the coast in the north of the island in the municipality of La Oliva. The old town is based around the harbour, which was originally used by local fishermen, and now has a marina, and a ferry terminal. From here you can take the ferry to the nearby island of Lanzarote, passing the island of Los Lobos on the way, which you can also take a ferry to. Apart from...
El Cotillo
4.7 (6)
Location  El Cotillo   La Oliva
El Cotillo is quite a large fishing village located on the north west coast of Fuerteventura in the municipality of La Oliva. It's not as busy as the nearby resort of Corralejo but has many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, villas and apartments. El Cotillo has some of the island's finest beaches, along with some magnificent views of cliffs, and its rugged landscape. Famous for its Lighthouse built in 1897, El Cotillo is also the birthplace of the famous...
El Jablito
4.5 (3)
Location  El Jablito   La Oliva
El Jablito is a small residential village with houses on one or two levels. A typical style of fishermen, the inhabitants of this village are mainly natives of Feurteventura. This is an extremely tranquil village on the coast with a small beach with beautiful clear water and white sand in the interior of the village. A perfect place for diving practice also.
El Roque
Location  El Roque   La Oliva
El Roque is a small village, perfect for those seeking tranquility. The village is located on the north coast of Feurteventura. El Roque is a country village, it is located between the villages Lajares and El Cotilo. The village has various beaches around: White sand beaches, pebble lagoons and creeks. It boasts a supermarket,bar/restaurant, pharmacy and shops.
Isla de los Lobos
5.0 (1)
Location  Isla de Lobos   La Oliva
Although this island is located 2km from the north east coast of Fuerteventura, it actually belongs to the municipality of La Oliva. Of course, Lobos means Wolves and therefore the name translates as Island of the Wolves. There are, and never have been wolves here; the island was named due to the myriad of sea wolves that once lived here, and in actual fact they were monk seals. These animals have now been hunted to the...
Location  La Oliva   La Oliva
The village of La Oliva is located inland in the north of Feurteventura. Casa de los Coroneles, and the Centro de Arte Canario Casa Mane are worth a visit where work from well known Canarian artists is exhibited.

  La OlivaLajares Hot

4.5 (1)
Location  Lajares   La Oliva
Lajares is a small inland village in the north of La Oliva not to be overlooked, an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful stay on the island, with a short car journey to the busy towns of El Cotillo or Corralejo. Lajares is famous for its exquisite embroidery, and the famous Majorera craftswoman Natividad Lopez opened a workshop here. This village is home to some superb architecture, the houses are built from volcanic rock, the same rock that adorns...
Las Caletas
4.5 (1)
Location  Las Caletas   La Oliva
Las Caletas is an ideal location for a holiday or permanent home Away from the hustle and bustle of resorts, amenities are within easy reach.  This is a quiet and well maintained development situated between Peurto Del Rosario and Corralejo these towns are accessable via public transport  The development has communal swimming pools, BBQ areas and well maintained grounds.
4.5 (3)
Location  Majanicho   La Oliva
Majanicho is the northernmost village on Feurteventura and is in the municipality of La Olivia. It's a small picturesque village and has residential houses and there are no restaurants or shops. A perfect place to visit for some r and r with little occupation and not a tourist hot spot.
Parque Holandes
Location  Parque Holandes   La Oliva
Parque Holandes is a small village situated between Puerto Del Rosario and Corralejo, these towns are accessable via the number six bus. The shopping centre is the heart of Parque Holandes it has a couple of bars and a small supermarket . There's a Sunday market which locals and visitors alike attend Just down the road from the shopping centre there's a family restaurant which serves local fresh food. A good place to visit if you don't want the...

  La OlivaTindaya Hot

5.0 (1)
Location  Tindaya   La Oliva
The small goat farming village of Tindaya sits at the foot of the Tindaya Mountain. The mountain was considered to be sacred by the pre-Spanish locals. For this reason it continues to be known as 'The Sacred Mountain' (Montaña Sagrada.) More than 100 foot carving exist within this mountain, and these are believed to keep evil spirits at bay.
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Location  Vallebron   La Oliva
The Vallebrón Protected Landscape is characterised by an elongated ridge with a razor-back relief, flanked by two large U-shaped ravines. The easternmost vortex of the ridge is Mount Muda, a place of historic interest as it contains an archaeological site with a peculiar burial system. Most of the hermitages to be found on Fuerteventura were built during the 18th century, and they were in large part the work of significant groups of residents. The Villaverde, Tindaya...
4.5 (1)
Location  Villaverde   La Oliva
The village of Villaverde is located in the north of the island in the municipality of La Oliva, on the road between La Oliva and Corralejo. There are several bars, and restaurants, two supermarkets, and a limited amount of accommodation, an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful stay on the island, with a short car journey to the busy towns of Corralejo. or El Cotillo. Artefacts such as ceramics and mollusc shells from aboriginal people have been found within...
14 results - showing 1 - 14

Upcoming Fuerteventura Events

Caleta de Fuste Street Market

Tuesday March 19th 2019 09:00 -14:00

Caleta de Fuste Street Market is held every Tuesday and Saturday between 09:00 and 14:00 next to the bus station in Caleta de Fuste,Fuerteventura.

Corralejo Flea Market

Tuesday March 19th 2019 09:00 -14:00

Corralejo Flea Market is held every Tuesday and Friday between 09:00 and 14:00 in the Acua Water Park car park (formerly Baku Water Park), Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Miguel de Unamuno House Museum

Tuesday March 19th 2019 09:00 -13:00

The Miguel de Unamuno House Museum, in the heart of the old Puerto de Cabras, commemorates the passage of the famous writer through Fuerteventura. It is a house from the 19th century which, in other times, served as a guesthouse under the name of Hotel Fuerteventura.

Antigua Carnival 2019

Tuesday March 19th 2019 09:00 -23:00

The 2019 Antigua Carnival takes place between the 13th and the 22nd March 2019 in Antigua,Fuerteventura. 

Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

La Oliva Traditional Market

Tuesday March 19th 2019 10:00 -16:00

La Oliva Traditional Market (Mercado de las Tradiciones) is held every Tuesday and Friday between 10:00 and 14:00 at Casa del Coronel in the town of La Oliva, Fuerteventura.

La Alcogida Ecomuseum

Tuesday March 19th 2019 10:00 -18:00

To visit La Alcogida is to experience the way of life of Fuerteventuran peasants over the last few decades. Stone houses, whitewashed and with gabled roofs, welcome the visitor to the La Alcogida Eco-Museum, located in the village of Tefía in Puerto del Rosario. Its roofs are made of “torta” (a mix of water, earth and straw) which, with the advent of winter rains, is what gives the walls their ancient appearance. In summer the walls are repainted to once again display their pure and perfect white.