Guide to the towns, and villages of Fuerteventura

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There are around fifty towns, and villages on Fuerteventura, in the guide you will find photographs, videos, maps, reviews, and nearby attractions, including things to do, and places to go. When browsing towns, and villages you will find details of what's nearby ordered by distance. Please add some comments and photographs or videos to help other travellers, you don't need to register on the site to do this, but by doing so for free you get additional functionality such as your own favorites page with your own personal map which is very useful when planning your visit to Fuerteventura, or a day out.

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Location  Tequital   Tuineje
Tequital is located southeast of the municipality of Tuineje, its landscape is purely volcanic due to a large mantle of lava from the last eruptions on the island.
Agua de Bueyes
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Location  Agua de Bueyes   Antigua
The charming little town of Agua de Bueyes is situated inland, south of Antigua town. This area is particularly popular with hikers and a remarkable route is from Agua de Bueyes to Garabato. This is thought to be a moderately difficult hike and takes on average three hours. Agua de Bueyes is also home to one of Fuerteventura's most important pieces of religious architecture, Our Lady of Guadalupe which was built in the 17th century. ...

  PajaraAjuy Hot

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Location  Ajuy   Pajara
Ajuy is a small fishing village on the island's west coast, close to the Betancuria border. When Betancuria existed as the island's capital is was served by the port of Ajuy until it was raided by pirates. Black sand makes up Ajuy beach and Caleta Negro (Black Bay) sits at a distance of approximately 2 km. Here you can find caves within the limestone rocks, and these were once a hiding place for...

  Puerto del RosarioAmpuyenta Hot

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Location  Ampuyenta   Puerto del Rosario
At the south west of the municipality of Puerto del Rosario sits the village of Ampuyenta.

  AntiguaAntigua Hot

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Location  Antigua   Antigua
The town of Antigua is situated inland in the centre of Fuerteventura, Extensive plains with farmhouses and mills, and basaltic-coloured landscapes are the main characteristics of its surroundings. There's a lot of vegetation here compared with most of Fuerteventura in its large valleys and gullies, where you will experience a feeling of pure peace and calm. There are three protected natural spaces: Mapaís Grande Natural Monument, Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument and Caldera de Gairía Natural Monument, which prove...
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Location  Betancuria   Betancuria
Betancuria is the old capital of the island which in the past was governed from there. Hidden in a valley to prevent pirate attacks from the African continent this picturesque colonial town offers a glimpse into Fuerteventura’s past. Betancuria was founded in 1404 during the conquest led by the Norman, Jean de Béthencourt.

  La OlivaCaldereta Hot

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Location  Caldereta   La Oliva
Caldereta is a small village in the municipality of La Oliva located between the town of La Oliva and the new main road to Corralejo. An Ideal location for hiking, walking and mountain biking.
Caleta de Fuste
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Location  Caleta de Fuste   Antigua
The busy tourist town of Caleta de Fuste, also known as Caleta, or Castillo is situated in the centre of the island on the east coast 7 kilometres from Fuerteventura International Airport in the municipality of Antigua.  Apart from the many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, there are some nice beaches with fine golden sand and crystal-clear water, and a small harbour. Other nearby facilities include a convention centre, two golf courses, and a casino.

  TuinejeCardon Hot

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Location  Cardon   Tuineje
The small village of Cardon is located in the municipality of Tuineje
Casillas de Morales
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Location  Casillas de Morales   Antigua
Casillas de Morales is asmall village in te municipality of Antigua.
Casillas del Angel
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Location  Casillas del Angel   Puerto del Rosario
Casillas del Angel is asmall village in te municipality of Puerto del Rosario.

  PajaraCofete Hot

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Location  Cofete   Pajara
Located in the south of the island along the west coast, Cofete is home to the island's most awesome landscape. Cofete has a mystical atmosphere, it is remote, and it is here that the famous 'Villa Winter' stands facing the sea and the deserted beaches. This house was actually built by Mr Winter on land given to him by Generalisimo Franco. Cofete is truly magnificent, it is home to the Arco de Cofete, a volcanic structure that...

  La OlivaCorralejo Hot

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Location  Corralejo   La Oliva
The busy tourist town of Corralejo is located on the coast in the north of the island in the municipality of La Oliva. The old town is based around the harbour, which was originally used by local fishermen, and now has a marina, and a ferry terminal. From here you can take the ferry to the nearby island of Lanzarote, passing the island of Los Lobos on the way, which you can also take a ferry to. Apart from...
Costa Antigua (Nuevo Horizonte)
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Location  Costa Antigua   Antigua
Costa Antigua, also known as Nuevo Horizonte is situated in the central part of Fuerteventura on the east coast between the airport at El Mattoral and the busy tourist town of Calete de Fuste. Theres a few bars and restaurants, a couple of large hotels, plenty of self catering accommodation and it's on the main bus route between Fuerteventura airport and Calete de Fuste.
Costa Calma
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Location  Costa Calma   Pajara
Costa Calma has become a very popular tourist resort on Fuerteventura. and is located in the south of the island in the municipality of Pajara, on the outskirts of the National Park area of Jandia. Costa Calma is mostly geared up towards German speaking visitors, although there are quite a few English speaking organisations in the area. There are many hotels, villas, apartments, bars and restaurants along with the very long white sandy beach of Playa Barca, very popular with...
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Upcoming Fuerteventura Events

Monday May 20th 2019 09:00 -14:00

The Morro Jable Flea Market is held every Monday and Thursday in the Cosmo shopping centre car park between 09:00 and 14:00

Monday May 20th 2019 09:00 -13:00

The Miguel de Unamuno House Museum, in the heart of the old Puerto de Cabras, commemorates the passage of the famous writer through Fuerteventura. It is a house from the 19th century which, in other times, served as a guesthouse under the name of Hotel Fuerteventura.

Monday May 20th 2019 10:00 -18:00

Discover the origins of the famous Majorero cheese at the Majorero Cheese Museum. The Majorera goats are acknowledged to be amongst the most productive in the world, the excellent quality of their dense, aromatic and fatty milk is one of the main secrets of Majorero cheese.

The Majorero Cheese Museum is located in Antigua, Fuerteventura, as well as the Museum there's also a windmill, gardens, a shop and restaurant.

Monday May 20th 2019 10:00 -18:00

The Del Carmen Saltworks Museum is located in the Del Carmen Saltworks at Las Salinas, Fuerteventura.

The only saltworks in Fuerteventura still in operation, comprised of 10 intake ponds, nearly 1000 condensation ponds, the salt warehouse, the salt worker’s house and  the remains of the old quay.

Monday May 20th 2019 10:00 -18:00

The Los Molinos Interpretation Centre in Tiscamanita makes us aware of the importance of grain to Fuerteventura and its importance to the economy of the island for centuries. The grain was harvested from wild seeds and ground in stone mortars and hand mills in the days before windmills.

As well as exploring the different rooms of this old building,discovering the history of cereal cultivation,the milling systems and Gofio (toasted cornmeal) there's also a widmill you can go inside.

Tuesday May 21st 2019 09:00 -14:00

Caleta de Fuste Street Market is held every Tuesday and Saturday between 09:00 and 14:00 next to the bus station in Caleta de Fuste,Fuerteventura.