Guide to Las Salinas,Fuerteventura

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The small village of Las Salinas is is situated on the coast, south of Caleta de Fuste.

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Del Carmen Saltworks Museum
Museums siteadminsiteadmin July 11, 2012 4152   0   6   0   0
Location:  Las Salinas   Antigua
The Del Carmen Saltworks Museum is located in the Del Carmen Saltworks at Las Salinas, Fuerteventura. The only saltworks in Fuerteventura still in operation, comprised of 10 intake ponds, nearly 1000 condensation ponds, the salt warehouse, the salt worker’s house and the remains of the old quay. The Saltworks produces fine white salt of the highest quality which is very rich in trace elements due to the cleanliness of its water and...
Las Salinas del Carmen
Antigua 4078   0   3   0   0
Location:  Las Salinas   Antigua
The lime kilns are a sign of Fuerteventura's heritage. The calcareous stone was used to produce large amounts of lime which were exported to the other islands in olden times. Evidence of this industry are the salt works, and nowadays the only activity that can be seen is situated in the salt museum in the  delightful coastal village of Las Salinas del Carmen, Well worth a visit!
Playa del Muellito
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Location:  Las Salinas   Antigua
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Wind surfing
El Muellito de las Salinas comprises of 180 metres in length and 17 metres in width of golden sand with a scattering of pebbles. The sea here is generally calm and it is therefore suitable for swimming. This beach is located in the municipality of Antigua, just outside of the popular holiday resort of Caleta de Fuste. A visit to the salt museum is also a good reason to visit this mainly secluded village.
Salinas del Carmen-Pozo Negro Bike Route
Cycling S StayInFuerteventura September 02, 2016 2155   0   1   1   0
Location:  Las Salinas   Antigua
Distance:6.8 Kilometres Duration:1 hour Additional information is located in the media tab.
Golf Club Salinas de Antigua
Golf siteadminsiteadmin January 04, 2019 233   0   1   0   0
Location:  Las Salinas   Antigua
Golf Club Salinas de Antigua is located in central Fuerteventura near Caleta de Fuste. Apart from the 18 hole par 70 course there's a driving range and a putting green.
5 results - showing 1 - 5

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