Yellow Wagtail

  Yellow Wagtail,Fuerteventura Nature

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The Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla flava ) also known as the western yellow wagtail can be seen in Fuerteventura. These small colourful birds like their name suggests are bright yellow and olive green coloured and wag their tail from time to time.

Reaching up to 17 centimetres in length with a wingspan of up to 27 centimetres they spend much of their time walking or running on the ground.

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Yellow Wagtail in Fuerteventura
I saw three Yellow Wagtails near Los Molinos in Fuerteventura this afternoon, very colourful and lively little birds but I managed to get a couple of decent photos.
Yellow Wagtail in Fuerteventura
Yellow Wagtail in Fuerteventura
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