Fuerteventura Beach Guide

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Fuerteventura, also known as "The beach of the Canaries", boasts over 150 kilometres of sandy beaches with crystal-clear water, spectacular for snorkelling or diving. You can enjoy numerous water-sports on these amazing beaches, perfect for surfing, and a paradise for kite surfing, wind surfing, or simply relaxing, and soaking up the sun.

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Ajuy Beach
Ajuy is a small village located on the West coast of Fuerteventura, around twenty minutes drive from Pajara, The beach is simply stunning with 270 metres of pitch black sand that contrasts perfectly with the turquoise sea. Due to the extreme tidal surge the beach is not suitable for swimming, there is a paved path where you can walk up the cliff and enjoy the vista of the beach and village. The beach is easily accessible and you may...
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Baja de Juan Gomez Beach
100 metres of white sandy beach, accessible by sea or by a  4×4 vehicle. Spend some time here and you may well remain stress free throughout the year. With the turquoise sea and silvery sand, this has to be one of the most relaxing beaches in the south of the island.
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Bajo Negro Beach
In contrast to its name, 500 metres of white sand of the most excellent quality makes up Bajo Negro beach. It is situated opposite the Corralejo sand dunes in the north of the island. A visit to Bajo Negro is an amazing experience not to be missed!
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Barlovento beach comprises of 5700 metres of white sand. A stunning view can be seen from the Pico de la Zarza, an uphill route that takes approximately five hours and is popular with hikers and climbers. Sea conditions are wild here and Barlovento beach can be accessed via Cofete beach to the south.
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Caleta de Beatriz Beach
200 metres of silver sand makes up Caleta de Beatriz. This Jewel of a beach sits on the northernmost point of the island. This is one of Fuerteventura's prize beaches and yet it is very often deserted. This could be because it lies along an unpaved road. Take time to visit this beach, relax unwind and enjoy the natural beauty. Swimming is safe within the lagoon.Because Caleta de Beatriz is out of the way there are no bars or...
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Caleta del Marrajo Beach
The image speaks for itself. Caleta de Marrajo is paradise found with 200 metres of white sand. This beach is located near to the small town of El Cotillo in the north of the island along the west coast.
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Caleta Harbour Clean Up Day
Caleta Harbour Clean Up Day starts on Saturday October 1st 2016 at midday
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Casa de Jorós Beach
Casa de Jorós beach comprises of 100 metres of beautiful white sand with a scattering of pebbles. It is situated in the South of the island in the municipality of Pájara. This beach can only be accessed with a 4×4 vehicle or by sea. When hiring a 4x4 vehicle you will need to check that the insurance covers you to drive off road.
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Charco de Bristol Beach
Charco de Bristol is yet another example of Corralejo's top quality sand.  This beach stretches to 100 metres in length and has a width spanning approximately 30 metres. Although the sea is usually wild around Corralejo (perfect for surfing) Charco de Bristol is much softer and therefore ideal for swimming.
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Cofete Beach
Cofete beach is accessible via a 20km mostly single file track road.You need to be a confident driver because there are sheer drops to the sides in places. Nevertheless, the stunning scenery makes the drive worthwhile. Please note! You will not be covered by insurance when you drive this route in a normal car, and please check with your car hire company when you rent a 4 x 4 or a quad bike.The beach itself is of outstanding beauty...
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Corralejo Dunes Beach
11km of sand dunes are situated south of Corralejo town. From here the islands of 'Los Lobos' and 'Lanzarote' can be seen. The beach is of exemplary natural beauty and is popular with wind surfers, kite surfers, and naturists, The sand is white and as with most of Corralejo it is of the highest quality. The beach is easily accessible and you may park at the roadside, there's a bus stop at the Corralejo end, and also...
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Corralejo Viejo Beach
Corralejo Viejo is located at the central coast of Corralejo in the north of the island. It comprises of 195 metres of fine golden sand, and is close to many shops, bars, cafés, and restaurants. There is a surf school on the beach, and Corralejo Viejo is home to a picturesque promenade and a port from which you may take a ferry to the nearby island of Lanzarote. This laid back beach is easily accessible from the town of...
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Corralejo-Calle Colon Beach
Small clean beach with a promenade and a smattering of bars restaurants.
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Costa Calma Beach
Costa Calma beach begins as a pebbled area. Nevertheless it soon stretches out into 2190 metres of golden sand and is considered by many to be one of the best beaches on the island of Fuerteventura. Costa Calma is generally favoured by narturists, and there are many facilities available. In addition to surfing, you may hire a catamaran, a banana boat, and a jet ski. Many popular hotels can be found in places along this beach which is...
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Upcoming Fuerteventura Events

Friday February 22nd 2019 15:30 - Saturday February 23rd 2019 20:00

The 2019 Caleta de Fuste carnival takes place during February in Caleta de Fuste,Fuerteventura.-DATES TO BE CONFIRMED

Friday February 22nd 2019 17:00 -20:30

The El Cotillo Artisan Market (Mercadillo Artesanal en El Cotillo)nis held every Friday evening between 17:00 and 20:00 in the small square in El Cotillo,Fuerteventura.

Saturday February 23rd 2019 08:00 -14:00

The Puerto del Rosario Agricultural Market is held every Saturday between 08:00 and 14:00 above the bus station in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura.

Saturday February 23rd 2019 09:00 -16:30

Lajares Craft Market (Mercado Artesanal de Lajares) is held every Saturday between 10:00 and 16:00 in the small square in Plaza de Los Lajares, Lajares, Fuerteventura.

Saturday February 23rd 2019 09:00 -14:00

Caleta de Fuste Street Market is held every Tuesday and Saturday between 09:00 and 14:00 next to the bus station in Caleta de Fuste,Fuerteventura.

Saturday February 23rd 2019 09:00 - Friday March 1st 2019 23:00

The 2019 Puerto del Rosario Carnival takes place between February 16th and March 10th in Puerto del Rosario,Fuerteventura.

This years carnival theme is videogames (Los Videojuegos)

The public holiday in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario is on Tuesday, March 5th.

Additional information will be added as it becomes available.