Guide to the towns, and villages of Fuerteventura

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There are around fifty towns, and villages on Fuerteventura, in the guide you will find photographs, videos, maps, reviews, and nearby attractions, including things to do, and places to go. When browsing towns, and villages you will find details of what's nearby ordered by distance. Please add some comments and photographs or videos to help other travellers, you don't need to register on the site to do this, but by doing so for free you get additional functionality such as your own favorites page with your own personal map which is very useful when planning your visit to Fuerteventura, or a day out.

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Location  Tesejerague   Tuineje
The little village of Tesejerague is located in the municipality of Tuineje in a landscape of spectacular dry plains and palm trees beneath Tirba Mountain.
Location  Tesjuate   Puerto del Rosario
Tesjuatel is a small village in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario.

  Puerto del RosarioTetir Hot

Location  Tetir   Puerto del Rosario
Located at the centre of the municipal of Puerto del Rosario, Tetir sits at the foot of the Temerejeque mountain. The people of Tetir keep up with some of the island's oldest traditions. It is thought that witches once congregated here, and it is known to be home to the 'Ranchos de los Animas,' musicians that came about due to the Franciscans during the latter part of the 15th century. Their sole purpose was to free the...

  La OlivaTindaya Hot

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Location  Tindaya   La Oliva
The small goat farming village of Tindaya sits at the foot of the Tindaya Mountain. The mountain was considered to be sacred by the pre-Spanish locals. For this reason it continues to be known as 'The Sacred Mountain' (Montaña Sagrada.) More than 100 foot carving exist within this mountain, and these are believed to keep evil spirits at bay.
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Location  Tiscamanita   Pajara
Tiscamanita is an inland village in the north of the municipality of Tuineje. The majority of the island's preserved windmills are found here and at the Centro de Interpretación you can discover how it was that the milled grain fed the population. Therefore you can enjoy a trip back in history as well as the breathtaking landscapes that Tiscamanita has to offer.

  TuinejeTuineje Hot

Location  Tuineje   Tuineje
Located inland and west of the municipal is the village of Tuineje. It is home to the ruins of Berber buildings, and it was in these places that Berber slaves were kept hostage. Tuineje is also home to the Church of San Miguel; this building was damaged by invaders they took the arm and the stick from the sculpture of the saint as a trophy. This village is popular with hikers, there is an interesting route that starts at...
Valle de Santa Ines
Location  Valle de Santa Ines   Betancuria
In the 16th century one of Fuerteventura's oldest women, Inés Peraza ordered the hermitage to be built. For this reason the place takes its name from the hermitage. However, the hermitage has since been rebuilt due to extensive damage caused by troops of Xaban de Arraez. Valle de Santa Inés is also famous for its arts and crafts. In particular the ceramic works  of Josefa Acosta's workshop.
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Location  Vallebron   La Oliva
The Vallebrón Protected Landscape is characterised by an elongated ridge with a razor-back relief, flanked by two large U-shaped ravines. The easternmost vortex of the ridge is Mount Muda, a place of historic interest as it contains an archaeological site with a peculiar burial system. Most of the hermitages to be found on Fuerteventura were built during the 18th century, and they were in large part the work of significant groups of residents. The Villaverde, Tindaya...
Vega del Rio Palmas
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Location  Vega del Rio Palmas   Betancuria
Vega del Rio Palmas, located south east of the municipality of Betancuria is home to plenty of mystery and magic. Legend has it that Father Santorcaz disappeared here. San Diego asked the shepherd's of Betancuria if they had seen him. They hadn't but they reported that they were terrified by lights that had appeared where Vega del Rio Palmas now stands. San Diego along with the shepherds headed towards the light and found the Father at the bottom of...
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Location  Villaverde   La Oliva
The village of Villaverde is located in the north of the island in the municipality of La Oliva, on the road between La Oliva and Corralejo. There are several bars, and restaurants, two supermarkets, and a limited amount of accommodation, an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful stay on the island, with a short car journey to the busy towns of Corralejo. or El Cotillo. Artefacts such as ceramics and mollusc shells from aboriginal people have been found within...
55 results - showing 46 - 55
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Upcoming Fuerteventura Events

Corralejo Street Market

Thursday April 25th 2019 17:00 -21:00

Corralejo Street Market is held every Thursday evening between 17:00 and 21:00 in the El Campanario Shopping Centre,Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Gran Tarajal Agricultural Market

Friday April 26th 2019 09:00 -14:00

The Gran Tarajal Agricultural Market is held every Friday between 09:00 and 14:00 in the Market Square, Gran Tarajal, Fuerteventura.

Corralejo Flea Market

Friday April 26th 2019 09:00 -14:00

Corralejo Flea Market is held every Tuesday and Friday between 09:00 and 14:00 in the Acua Water Park car park (formerly Baku Water Park), Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Miguel de Unamuno House Museum

Friday April 26th 2019 09:00 -13:00

The Miguel de Unamuno House Museum, in the heart of the old Puerto de Cabras, commemorates the passage of the famous writer through Fuerteventura. It is a house from the 19th century which, in other times, served as a guesthouse under the name of Hotel Fuerteventura.

Caleta de Fuste Handicraft Market

Friday April 26th 2019 10:00 -13:30

Caleta de Fuste Handicraft Market is held every Friday between 10:00 and 13:30 in Caleta de Fuste,Fuerteventura.

La Oliva Traditional Market

Friday April 26th 2019 10:00 -16:00

La Oliva Traditional Market (Mercado de las Tradiciones) is held every Tuesday and Friday between 10:00 and 14:00 at Casa del Coronel in the town of La Oliva, Fuerteventura.