Puerto del Rosario Carnival 2019

Puerto del Rosario Carnival 2019

The 2019 Puerto del Rosario Carnival takes place between February 16th and March 10th in Puerto del Rosario,Fuerteventura.

This years carnival theme is videogames (Los Videojuegos)

The public holiday in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario is on Tuesday, March 5th.

Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

The carnival is a period of time from a few days up to ten days where people dress up and party, usually until the early hours before the period of abstinence or lent where people say farewell to meat for a while. For some this is a religious time and for others a time to party. The carnival ends with the burning of the sardine, the harvest of the fish stock.

Puerto del Rosario is the administrative capital of the island, the home of a large number of services, a centre of culture and leisure, with an intensive annual programme, a paradise for shopping and a leading light in terms of business, to which should be added its position as a centre of communications and the fact that it is near to the main tourist resorts. These are some of the many aspects which define Puerto del Rosario as a holiday destination.

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Starts Monday March 4th 2019 09:00
Ends Monday March 4th 2019 23:00
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