Pajara Carnival 2019

Pajara Carnival 2019

Pajara Carnival 2019 events take place between the 14th and the 30th of March  in Pajara, Fuerteventura.

This years theme is The Machine of Weather (LA MÁQUINA DEL TIEMPO) Further details will be published as soon as they are available.

Pajara Carnival is located in Pajara, Fuerteventura. As with most of the municipalities of Fuerteventura, there exists a town of the same name. The town of Pajara is located in the middle of the island, towards the west coast in the municipality of Pajara. Before the arrival of colonists the inhabitants lived in accordance to North African traditions. People would mostly dwell in caves or in partly sunken houses, a tradition that remains alive today in some areas of Tunisia. The town arose in the 15th century and had an important role in the slave trade, and this brutality continued for 200 years. Today tourism provides the income for Pajara even though the town is laid back with an air of tranquility. Many craftsmen reside here and the local arts and crafts are a significant factor in the town's economy.

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Starts Thursday March 21st 2019 10:30
Ends Thursday March 21st 2019 23:00
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