Oasis Park and Sea Lion Experience

Oasis Park and Sea Lion Experience

Enjoy a visit to Fuerteventura’s Oasis Park and become the special guest of the resident sea lions during a unique 20-minute encounter. You’ll be able to get into the water with the sea lions,feel their fur and breath, touch them and feel them and maybe even get a kiss.

Your admission to Oasis Park features the Sea Lion Experience, which begins with a short chat with the team. The team will teach you how to greet and stroke the animals during the 20-minute encounter. You will receive a wetsuit and life jacket, which you’ll put on once you've gone through a de-contamination process to prevent the introduction of germs to the animals' habitat.

Time will fly while Coco, or any of the other stars, show off their long whiskers. It will be in the pool that you can get up close to the sea lions. You’ll see how their bodies are perfectly designed to move in the water. This won’t be a regular swim! The sea lions will show their interest by swimming around you and giving you their best smile when it's time to leave. You may even get the biggest kiss of your life.

At Oasis Park you will find over 3000 animals of 250 different species in an environment characterized by the thousands of tropical plants, succulents, cactus and ornamental plants surrounding the enclosure. The park has the only Botanical Garden in Fuerteventura, a large space which is predominantly grown indigenous and tropical flora. Among the many installations and enclosures, it highlights the Flamingo Lake, the area dedicated to the animals of the African savannah, the corridor of Madagascar where Lemurs live in semi freedom or the giraffe enclosure where you can feed them or caress them.

A coach will pick you up at your hotel or the pickup location closest to your hotel and take you to Oasis Park where you will have a truly amazing day, when finished a coach will take you back to your hotel or the pick-up point closest to your hotel. Prices from € 80 per person


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Starts Saturday February 15th 2020 08:00
Ends Saturday February 15th 2020 19:00
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