Lobos Island Sailing Tour (3 hours 13:00)

Lobos Island Sailing Tour (3 hours 13:00)

Departing from Corralejo, you will embark on a spectacular 3-hour family-friendly sailing trip to Lobos Island enjoying drinks, snorkelling, and kayaking, before returning to Corralejo.

You will sail in a catamaran with a maximum of 12 passengers, as well as a semi-rigid for another 12. As soon as you leave the port, the majestic sight of the Lobos Islet will be ahead of you.

With the wind caressing you, you will sail on until you reach the western side of Lobos Island, where you can view the lovely La Caldera Mountain (a half-submerged volcanic cone), before heading south until you reach La Concha Beach, famous for its paradisaical calm and turquoise waters, where the landscape changes totally depending on the tide.

This is the breathtaking setting where you will cast anchor and divide into two groups of 12, the "Catamaran" group and the "Semi-Rigid" group. This is so one group can partake in water activities, such as feeding the fish and observing them whilst snorkelling, going out on a kayak or paddle surfing, or simply daydreaming while lying in the sun on the Catamaran's net. At the same time the other group will sail on the semi-rigid to one of the most authentic parts of Lobos: the Puertito (or Little Port), where the turquoise blue of its little lakes will impress absolutely everyone.

From here you can land on the Isla, so you will not only hold onto the memory of the image from the sea, but also feel the magic of the islet under your feet. You will then go back to the catamaran to swap groups, and will finally sail back to Corralejo, having forged incredible memories.

Guided visit to Lobos Island
Paddle boarding
Drinks (soft drinks, beer, water, coffee and tea)
Underwater photographs
Small lunch

The 3 hour Lobos Island Sailing Tour operates 7 days a week departing at 1300 Prices from € 55 per person


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Starts Monday November 11th 2019 13:00
Ends Monday November 11th 2019 16:00
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