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The Canarian municipality of Betancuria is located in the central region of Fuerteventura with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and Antigua to the east, the primary industries are agriculture and tourism. Most of the municipality is farmland although there are many mountains and barren land. This is the island's smallest municipality and is named after Jean de Bethencourt who founded the town of the same name in 1404. Betancuria has survived many problems. Not only did it survive the vicious pirate attacks of the 16th century, it suffered numerous assaults from Berber hordes. In the 18th century Betancuria was attacked by its own people, these revolts took place due to intolerable living conditions which included a severe lack of food.

Today Betancuria is known for its peace and tranquility, it remains to be thinly populated with very few villages. Please add some comments and photographs or videos to help other travellers, you don't need to register on the site to do this, but by doing so for free you get additional functionality such as your own favorites page with your own personal map which is very useful when planning your visit to Fuerteventura, or a day out.

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The Conquest of Fuerteventura finished in 1405. Betancuria, a place hidden in a valley to prevent pirate attacks from the African continent, was chosen to be the capital and the island was governed from there. The conquest led by the Norman, Jean de Béthencourt, ended Fuerteventura’s prehistoric era and a new stage began which would have feudal traits. In 1476, the Señorío Territorial, or territorial lordship, of Fuerteventura was legally created, through which the Catholic Kings recognised the conqueror's...
Valle de Santa Ines
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In the 16th century one of Fuerteventura's oldest women, Inés Peraza ordered the hermitage to be built. For this reason the place takes its name from the hermitage. However, the hermitage has since been rebuilt due to extensive damage caused by troops of Xaban de Arraez. Valle de Santa Inés is also famous for its arts and crafts. In particular the ceramic works  of Josefa Acosta's workshop.
Vega del Rio Palmas
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Vega del Rio Palmas, located south east of the municipality of Betancuria is home to plenty of mystery and magic. Legend has it that Father Santorcaz disappeared here. San Diego asked the shepherd's of Betancuria if they had seen him. They hadn't but they reported that they were terrified by lights that had appeared where Vega del Rio Palmas now stands. San Diego along with the shepherds headed towards the light and found the Father at the bottom of...
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